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PCD wear parts

PCD wear resistant parts

PCD wear resistant parts

PCD wear resistant parts are used for workpiece support on PCD bearing industry, electronic components and machine tools

name: PCD support
material: polycrystalline diamond
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Polycrystalline diamond, next to solid diamond, is the hardest material. due to Extremely low friction and high wear resistant make PCD the ideal material for support and reference parts submitted to wear.

Application of PCD wear resistant parts:

PCD bearing, bearing. Such as Front Plate,Pressure Rotor,Loading Shoe,Backing Plate.

electronic components. Such as Punch Tool,Rounded Shaped Die,Rectangular Shaped Die,Diamond Chip Heater.

Machine tools. Such as Collet,Centerless Blad, fixed lathe centres.

automible industry (camshaft, crankshaft) ,etc.

Advantages of PCD wear resistant parts :

* surface roughness is equivalent to mirror (Ra<20nm).No damage surface of works and can retain the original brightness.

* compared with carbide and ceramics, diamond has the lowest friction coefficients with ion and steel.

* highly wear resistant, extended service lives and lower wastrel rate.


    PCD wear resistant parts
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