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Conventional Crankshaft Grinding Wheel

Conventional Crankshaft Grinding Wheel

Crankshaft grinding wheel can be classified into parallel shape, single groove shape, double groove shape, multi-interface wheel and wheel with heat radiating groove.

Alias: Type: crankshaft grinding wheel
Material: chrome corundum, brown corundum, white c

Advantages of Conventional crankshaft grinding wheel:

* In the process of grinding, it can maintain the R angle precision and roughness of crankshaft neck.

* It is of excellent self-sharpening, which can increase the feed rate and speed, and improve the efficiency.

* It is of durable sharpness, lower grinding temperature and vibration of the work piece, energy-saving and minimum deformation layer in the metal processing.

* it can prolong the dressing interval, reduce the dressing times and make the life of grinding wheel longer.

The life is five times longer than that of the general grinding wheel

Application of Conventional crankshaft grinding wheel:

The crankshaft grinding wheel is mainly used for grinding crankshaft for engines of cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft, and large-scale marine diesel engines that is made of the high-strength wear-resistant alloy steel,forged steel, cast steel or ductile iron.

Specification of conventional crankshaft grinding wheel:

ModelD (mm)T (mm)H (mm)Application
crashaft grinding wheel
65033 - 40305Grinding crankshaft for engines of cars, trucks,motorcycles, aircraft,etc
75020 - 75305
90020 - 100305
106522 - 60304.8
120025 - 100304.8
other size can be made according to customers requirements
Conventional Crankshaft Grinding Wheel
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