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What's the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools

Henan More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd. 2018/3/29 13:39:47

Description of PCD materials:

99.9% of the components of the PCD are carbon isotopes C12, and their thermal conductivity is 50% better than natural diamond and 2 times faster than copper. Its physical properties are also the best at present.Diamond is the hardest material. A special high-temperature and high-pressure process can be used to attach a tight polycrystalline diamond layer on a cemented carbide substrate.With a diamond cutting tool, you get faster cutting speeds and longer tool life, with higher surface quality and machining accuracy of the material being machined.

Applications Of PCD Cutting Tools:

Automotive industry: processing of aluminum alloy products

Aerospace: titanium aluminum alloy, carbon fiber

Medical industry: pump body and other aluminum alloy materials

PCD cutting tools

Advantages of PCD cutting tools compared with carbide cutting tools:

Higher metal removal rate, faster cycle time, one shift can process more workpieces

Reduce waste, improve quality, stricter size control, perfect surface finish

Optimize machine tool efficiency, Improve production efficiency, Improve equipment utilization

The Table Below Provides A Comparison Between PCD cutting tools and carbide tools

PCD Cutting ToolsCarbide Cutting Toolsadvantages of PCD cutting tools
Thermal Conductivity700W/mK78~467W/mKPCD tool heat transfer quickly
Coefficient Of Friction0.1~0.30.4~1PCD Can significantly reduce cutting forces
Hardness8000HV667~1000HVPCD Tool thermal deformation is small, high precision machining
Thermal Expansion Coefficient0.9x10^-6~1.18x10^-64.5x10^-6~5.9x10^-6
Cutting wear resistance20-40 Times Than Carbide Cutting Tools

The affinity between PCD cutting tools and non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials is very small. Chips do not easily stick on the tip of the cutting edge during processing to form a built-up edge

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