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How To Weld 8 Corners Of Thoroughly Brazed Pcbn Inserts

Henan More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd. 2018/1/16 11:23:45

The newly developed soldering thoroughly brazed pcbn inserts can be welded 8 tips, above and below can be welded.More SuperHard PCBN inserts are designed and manufactured to provide significantly longer tooling life, uniform surface finish and excellent dimensional control.

soldering CBN inserts

What’s specifications of solid / soldering PCBN inserts

the size of soldering PCBN inserts

More model of solid and soldering PCBN inserts, please check theSoldering CBN inserts pdf.pdf

The advanced production and testing equipment are powerful guarantees for manufacture high quality tools.

Advanced grinding machine for solid / soldering PCBN inserts

grinding machine for soldering PCBN inserts

Please contact us for more information about CBN inserts, PCBN inserts, Solid CBN or PCD cutting tools and so on.

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