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Vitrified bond products

Peripheral diamond grinding wheel

Peripheral diamond grinding wheel

Peripheral Diamond Grinding wheels for indexable inserts

name: Peripheral diamond grinding wheel
Model: 6A2T, 6A2M, 11A2B, 12A2T
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Peripheral Diamond Grinding wheels for indexable inserts, must be of a high level of geometrical accuracy, with ability of significant material removal. We are able to produce various types wheels to suit all popular machines, such as WENDT, WAIDA, AGATHON, EWAG, COBORN, etc.

Advantages of peripheral diamond wheels:

* High durability, long life ,

* Good edge quality of inserts,

* Good surface accuracy retention ,

* High stock removal efficiency.

Application of peripheral grinding wheels:

Mainly used for precise edge grinding of indexable inserts, tungsten carbide inserts, ceramic inserts, CBN inserts.

Materials of workpiece: tungsten carbide, ceramics, PCD/ PCBN inserts, etc.

Applicable machines:

peripheral diamond grinding wheel


400 Series: 400 PENTA, 400COMBI, 400SEMI, 400PERI.

350 Series: 350T B, 350COMBI

250 Series: PA250


400 Series: WAC715, WAC735

350 Series: WAM336



Models and profile drawings of peripheral diamond wheels:

peripheral diamond grinding wheel

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