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High frequency induction welding machine

Introduction of high frequency induction welding machine :

The high frequency induction heating machine uses a series resonant circuit , the resonant output low voltage , high current frequency power by high frequency transformer.  

high frequency induction welding machine

PCD/ PCBN inserts welding operating process : 

Step 1: welding Preparation

Welding powder, Silver / copper foil , pcd / pcbn blanks, cutter body .

Between the cutter body and pcd & pcbn blanks put into the Silver / copper foil and Silver/ copper powder .

*CBN inserts with copper foil , 800~900

*PCD inserts with Silver foil , 750 

welding PCD & PCBN inserts

Step 2 : high frequency induction welding machine

high frequency induction welding machine

Step 3 : welding

Opening the water and electricity of high-frequency welding machine . Then opening the panel. Putting the cutter body into the sensor, pressing the remote control switch, starting heating. When the workpiece is heated to 830-860 , copper foil melting and filling weld.

Finally, pressing the "Stop" button to stop heating.

welding PCD & PCBN inserts

The advantage of the machine for welding cutting tools:

* We only need to copper (or silver) welding piece put between the cutter head and the substrate can be a good place.

* The induction heating speed, high efficiency.

* Energy saving and low cost.

* The oxidation area is small.

* The full solid welding.


The application of induction welding machine :

* Carbide saw blade welding

* Turning tools,woodworking tool welding

* Bits, cutter welding

* Valve welding, hot-rolled straight shank twist drills

* Pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and other hand tools in the heat treatment.

For more information about induction welding machine for welding PCD & PCBN tools, please contact us at any time.



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