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What tools will be used for machining piston

The piston tool

The advantages of tools for machining piston:

* PCD mode milling tool: set of coarse and fine machining piston pin hole, circlip groove, and the hole hole / low chamfer as one. A one-time change knife multiprogramming, efficiency high.

* PCD end milling toolcoarse and fine processing piston top surface of the platform. One type tool handle structure, tool change rapidly, steel is strong, suitable for high margin, high speed, high feed cutting.

* PCD slot tool:  finish machining piston ring groove. A special hard alloy matrix and high wear resistance of PCD material, effectively overcome the process easily broken knife .

* PCD ball milling toolthe rough finish machining piston top surface of the ball. The high wear resistance of PCD material can meet the machining allowance, excellent surface roughness and tool life.

The type of tools for piston:PCD mold milling cutter,PCD end milling tool,PCD grooving/slot tools,PCD ball milling tool.

PCD mold milling cutter for piston

PCD mold milling cutter

Integrating rough,fine machining of piston pin hole,circlip groove,hole and chamfer at the bottom of the hole,it can complete the multiple machining processes with tool change in one time,more efficient. 

PCD end milling tool for piston

PCD end milling cutter

Rough finish machining piston top platform, one-piece tool handle structure,tool change quickly, strong rigidity, suitable for the large margin, high speed, high feed cutting.

PCD grooving/slot tools for piston

PCD grooving/slot cutter

Finishing machining ring grooves, the special cemented carbide substrate with high wear resistance of PCD material, effectively overcome the phenomenon of easily cutting knife in the processing.

PCD ball milling tool for piston 

PCD ball milling cutter

Cough finishing machining piston with top ball, high wear resistance PCD material can satisfy large margin for cutting, good surface roughness, high tool life!

Other specifications can be produced according to customers’ requirement.

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