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Diamond grinding wheel for semiconductor industry

In front of the original semiconductor processing ,grinding,thinning and polishing of the wafer substrate, a wide variety of diamond grinding wheel would be used.

Based on various types of wafer substrate, like sapphire substrate ,SIC substrate,GaAs substrate, silicon substrate, different diamond grinding wheels would be chosen , such as vitrified diamond grinding wheels , metal grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels.

diamond grinding wheel for semiconductor industry

Grinding Wheels for LED wafer

With the new technology in LED manufacture field, news skills for higher productivity, thinning/lapping, are also being evolved. “More superhard” vitrified diamond grinding wheels are designed and used for grinding LED sapphire with very good surface finishes.


Grinding Wheels For SIC / GaAS Wafer

The grinding wheels we provide for semiconductor industry are mainly used for thinning and fine grinding of the silicon wafer,  Gallium Arsenide and GaN Wafer.

The selection of a grinding wheel determines vital parameters of grinding. The speed, feed, the surface finish , the material removal rate, and the final thickness that can be achieved are all dependent on the choice of the grinding wheel and the grit size. The grinding wheels are classified by the grit size and the type of bonding in which the diamonds are impregnated. The grit size vary from mesh 1oo#-700# for a coarse or rough grinding wheel and for a fine grinding the grit size vary from mesh 1000#--8000#.


Diamond dicing blades

Diamond dicing blade is used for grooving ,cutting silicon, compound semiconductors, glass and other materials in electronic information industry. 


Diamond Polishing Slurries

Diamond Polishing Slurries mainly used in grinding of sapphire substrate, back thinning of the LED chip, optical crystal grinding and polishing, and also other materials such as hard disk heads.

In the process of machining, more superhard diamond grinding wheels are with long life, advantageous grinding and thinning result, great extent to meet the industry machining accuracy and surface finish requirements for optical industry and solve the weakness of machining scratches on the wafer surface. 

By long time exploring, more super hardgrinding wheels could be installed and used in the Japanese, South Korean, Germany Grinders and Replace the Imported grinding wheels.  

For more information about diamond grinding wheels for semiconductor industry, please contact us at any time .



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