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Diamond Rotary Cutting Disc for Cutting Gemstone , Glass, Stone

Diamond rotary cutting disc, diamond saw blade compatible with multifunction rotary tool can be used  for cutting  a wide variety of materials.

For example, cutting gemstone, hard wood, glass, plastic, metal, marble, masonry, stone, concrete and fiberglass,etc.

diamond rotary cutting disc

Compatible with most multifunction tools, such as for Dremel, Proxxon, and many others.

The Features of diamond rotary cutting disc: 

High hardness, abrasion resistance, good impact resistance, longer life;

Dry & wet amphibious,small slot ,high sharpening;

High quality nickel bonded diamonds.

diamond saw blade

What are the common specifications of diamond rotary cutting disc?

Disc diameter: 20/30/40 /50mm 

Slice thickness: 0.6mm

Hole: 3mm

Coating: Diamond (. On both sides, including the edge)

Besides diamond rotary cutting disc, MORE SUPERHADR can supply Diamond burr set for gem & jade carving.



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