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Diamond dressing roller, diamond dressing wheel

More Superhard ’s diamond roller dressers are used for forming and dressing fired abrasive grinding wheel , CBN wheel and internal mounted pointed. Diamond profile roller dressers have high precision dressing efficiency and good straightness .Since these dressers are capable of accurate and speedy form dressing, they can effectively be used to mass produce work parts with a high degree of accuracy.

Diamond dressing wheel use method and characteristics

Diamond dressing roller is a kind of efficient dressing tool for forming wheels/ especially, it is used for the dressing of complex surface and high precision forming surface. At present, electroforming and sintering method are the main two art for dressing roller making.

The application of the diamond dressing roller:

The dressing rollers can be widely used in the filed of automobile, tool machines, bearings, aviation and industry processing filed. 


Diamond dressing roller Application


Picture Show






Corrugated rouer of packaging machine

Corrugated rouer of packaging machine 


 diamond dressing roller for Corrugated rouer of packaging machine 




Curved  vane  of air-conditioning compressor

 diamond dressing roller for Curved vane of air-conditioning compressor 

  diamond dressing roller for Curved vane of air-conditioning compressor 





 diamond dressing roller for tap

 diamond dressing roller for tap





V-shape guide

  diamond dressing roller for V-shape guide

  diamond dressing roller for V-shape guide                            Facebook: moresuperhardtools

The advantages of the diamond dressing roller are as below:

1. High production efficiency, long service and work life, low dressing cost for a single grinding wheel

2. Ensure the precision of workpieces, stable roughness, reduce the inferior products largely

3. Dressing equipment is of simple structure, change less, reduce workload of operators.


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