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RCGX Solid CBN Inserts for Roller

Rollers are almost universally used in nearly every manufacturing process in the world. The roller is the main part of the rolling machine, with the pressure which come from the rolling roller to roll the steel.

There are many kinds of roller, the commonly material of the roller have : cast steel roller, case iron roller, forged roller.

CBN inserts for processing roll

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How to use the CBN inserts for processing the roller ?

As a Solid PCBN inserts manufacturer and exporter in China, More Superhard s PCBN inserts have excellent performance in processing gray cast iron,nodular cast iron,hardened steel and material, sintered metal,and processing work piece surface is highly polished and very durable.    

Compared with the carbide inserts and ceramic inserts , Solid CBN inserts offer many advantages thanks to its higher flexibility and more simple automation effort, and Precising cuts ensure workpiece's accuracy.

RCGX solid CBN inserts for processing roll

Advantages of CBN inserts for processing the roller:

-very high hardness, excellent wear resistance, low friction coefficient,

- Perfect thermal stability,

- High speed cutting, Continuous processing.

The parameters of RCGX solid CBN inserts :

CBN inserts for processing roll

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