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What fields will be applied to the PCBN inserts ?

More Superhard imported German composite materials that professional  production diamond and CBN  (cubic boron nitride ) cutting tools.  With High hardness, wear resistance, the workpiece can be achieved grinding effect.

In the following, we will briefly introduce what areas will be used in our PCBN tools:

1. Aerospace Industry 

   PCBN tools for machining titanium alloy;

   PCBN tools for machining high temperature alloy;

   PCBN tools for processing high strength alloy steel parts.

PCBN inserts for aerospace industry

2. Others Industry 

PCBN tool for:

White cast iron ,chilled cast iron ,roll overlaying ,large high chromium cast iron rolls ,high-temperature bearing ,tungsten carbide products ,quartz products, ceramic roller ,wear resistance cast iron ,high manganese steel ,brake disc, bimetallic mud pump cylinder liner ,mud pump valve body seat carburizing.  

PCBN tools for carbide CBN inserts

CBN inserts is the used of artificial methods at high temperatures and pressures synthesized by the cubic boron nitride powder and a small amount of binding agent, just less than thet of diamond and much higher than other materials, it with diamond tools called the superhard cutting tool. There are nature of high hardness, thermal stability and chemical inertness, thermal stability is much higher than PCD, for The iron metal elements it have larger chemical stabilityit commonly used in the cutting of ferrous metals. CBN inserts is a major contribution to metalworking, cause a revolutionary change of the cutting industrialit is the second leap cutting technology.

More information about PCBN inserts, PCD tools , please check the following links:

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