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D4A2-1 Resin diamond wheel for narrower gullets saw

More Superhard produced D4A2-1 resin diamond grinding wheel for saws with very narrow teeth gullets in woodworking tools, the thinner rim permits facing grinding of saw with much smaller gullets. We have made special 4A2 resin grinding wheel for our clients in Central American which more than 100 years of history .

 resin diamond wheel for saw in woodworking

For woodworking industry, resin diamond / CBN grinding wheels are the best choice.

1. Resin diamond wheel is used for grinding tungsten carbide tipped tools and saws.
2. Resin CBN grinding wheel is used for grinding the circular saws and band saws made for HSS, tool steel, and other materials.

resin diamond wheel for saw in woodworking

The drawing of 4A2 TYPE 1 resin diamond grinding wheel :

We have made special 4A2 TYPE 1 resin grinding wheel for our clients as below.  And the thinner rim permits facing grinding of saw with much smaller gullets.

drawing of 4A2 resin diamond grinding wheel

Please click on the link to view our customer use 4A2 resin wheel how to process circular saw blades .

More Superhard grinding wheels for Face Grinding optimize the cutting performance of the saw and guarantee that achieves a long service life. We can design and produce other specifications according to customers requirements.

Top grinding  : 6a2

Face grinding : 4a2, 12a2, 12v2, 12v9

Side grinding : 1a1, 3a1, 14a1 and so on.

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