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How to use the resin diamond grinding disc to polish gem

Instructions and maintenance for the resin bond lap: To get the best results, it is recommend to first cut the stone on a cutting disc of 600 or 1200 mesh. Polishing is acomplished with a constant drip of water by moving the stone across all the area of the lap, to obtain a brilliant flat surface. It is important to move the stone across the entire surface of the lap in order to maintain a smooth and flat polishing surface.

Ideal for emeralds or any other stones that may be heat senstive. Effective for any kinds of gems except corundum. Works for stones in the 1-2 ct. size range.

  diamond grinding disc for gemstone

The polishing powder is impregnated into the resin bond lap eliminating the need for any additional agents. All that is added is water. This long lasting lap with a polishing layer of 6mm, only requires dressing from time to time. Recommended operating speed is up to 1500 RPM.When a light dressing is needed, a fine carborundum bar can be used to remove any ripples and to restore a perfect flat surface. Plenty of water is required while dressing.  
   resin diamond grinding disc for gemstoneresin diamond grinding disc for gemstone
Application of resin bond diamond grinding discs/laps :

diamond millstone is mainly used for glass  polishing  and crystal polishing, like gemstone, quartz glass, agate etc .Resin bond diamond grinding discs are widely used for fine face grinding in various industries.

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