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Selection Diamond tools in Optical Glass Processing

Precision opticals covers all kinds of optical components for objective lenses, microscope components, telescope mirrors, laser systems, spectacle lens and other applications.  Diamond tools for manufacturing optical glass components are good for quality and long life.

diamond tools in optical glass processing

The types of diamond tools in optical glass processing including:

Milling grinding wheels, Diamond edging wheel, Diamond finishing pellet, Super finishing pellet , PCD cutting tools and other diamond tools.

diamond tools, milling wheel, edging wheel, diamond pellets

The selection of diamond tools in optical glass processing depends on the following factors : the shape of the processed optical glass components, brand, processing quality and processing technology .

According to the processing method and the precision of machine tools to select the shape, size and precision of diamond tools .

According to the remain of the machined workpieces and the roughness of the surface to select the particle size of diamond tools .

According to machining process and workpieces’ brand, especially for fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding to select the type of bonding agent . 

According to the brand of processing optical components, the hardness and the brittleness to select the hardness and bond strength of diamond tools.

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