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Diamond bearings for Downhole drilling Tools

Polycrystalline Diamond bearing technology offers an innovative solution for pumping applications operating in harsh drilling fluid environments. 

More Superhard 's PDC bearings are used for mud motors in downhole drilling tools and other bearing applications. For examples include drilling turbines, mud motors, and other down-hole rotating tools . There are two main types : PDC radial bearing,PDC thrust bearing.

 Diamond bearings for Downhole drilling Tools

Advantages of diamond bearings :

Higher Wear Resistance than other bearing materials such as WC/Co, SiC, SiN

seal-free, lube-free bearings strengthen pump equipment and reduce downtime.

Long wear life in extremely harsh conditions resistant to corrosive and erosive environments.

Carbide tile and matrix design ensures extended life compared to cladding or welded overlay designs.

PDC cutter, diamond bearings

PDC cutters (Polycrystalline Diamond Composite) is consist of polycrystalline diamond layer sintered with tungsten carbide substrate under ultra-high temperature and pressure .PCD is diamond grit that has been bonded under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions. PDC cutters are applied to oil and gas drilling, water well drilling, geothermal well drilling, dam construction, coal mining and so on.

Besides 1308 PDC cutter, we can supply you more size PDC cutter with domed PCD layer 1304, 1313,1316 .

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