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Diamond dicing blades for semiconductor industry

Diamond dicing blade is used for grooving ,cutting silicon, compound semiconductors, glass and other materials in electronic information industry. Diamond dicing blade is one of new products developed .

diamond dicing blade for semiconductor & LED industry

The Type: diamond hub dicing blade and diamond hubless dicing blade

Electroformed diamond hub dicing blade

Electroformed dicing 



Easy to handle ultra-thin blade

Blade dicing after laser grooving

Variety of different grit concentrations 

Shows stable processing performance in

 high load processing


Hub dicing blade

Application:  Silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers (GaAs, Gap),oxide wafers (LiTaO3)


resin dicing blade

   resin dicing blade


High processing quality for cutting of hard, brittle materiais

Able to precisely control diamond concentration to achieve cutting quality

Improved cut quality on hard materials 


Hubless dicing 



Glass, Crystal, Quart, LiTaO3, Ceramics, Optical, QFN, splitter 

 metal dicing blade


   metal dicing balde


High rigidityminimized wavy and slant cutting

Able to control diamond concentration to 

achieve cutting quality

Excellent rigidity and cut quality 

Application:  Electronic parts, Optical devices, semiconductor packages, BGA, CSP, 

Electroformed dicing balde

Electroformed dicing 



Wide selection of blade options

Proprietary thin-blade technology

Blade thickness - 0.015 mm to 0.3 mm

Available for both dicing saws and slicers

Application:  Various types of semiconductor packages, ceramics, magnetic materials, PCB, silicon 

Other specification can be produced according to customers requirements

In addition to diamond dicing blades for semi-conductor & LED industry, More Superhard Products Co,.Ltd also supplies :

Silicon grinding wheels are used for the thinning and fine grinding of the silicon wafer.

Sapphire Grinding wheel for LED substrate 

Back grinding wheel for grinding the back side of sapphire wafer ;

Edge grinding wheel, roller dresser and other others semi-conductor tools .

semi-conductor tools

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