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Diamond dressing rolls, diamond wheel

Diamond dressing roll is a high performance dressing tool for precision grinding wheels, the geometry of which matches geometry of part to be ground to generate the desired form and wheel surface condition as template , offering high dressing precision , geometric accuracy , long wheel life and low cost.

diamond dressing rolls

How to dressing the grinding wheels by diamond dressing rolls?

Dressing rolls are divided into profile and form rolls depending on the type of abrasive layer profiling.

diamond profile dressing roll

Diamond Profile Dressing Rolls

 Profiling of the grinding wheel in only one operation using the plunge-cut dressing method

Usually the profile of the roll corresponds precisely to that of the workpiece

Extreme accuracy, even with highly complex profile contours

diamond form dressing roll 

Diamond Form Dressing Rolls

 Profiling of the grinding wheel along the desired contour by moving the diamond dressing roller

 The profile of the grinding wheel is created by a CNC controlled process that moves the rotating form roll along the target contour

 Form rolls are not restricted to a specific workpiece but can be used flexibly

What fields will use the diamond dressing roller?

More Superhard 's diamond dressing rolls have been widely used in gears, bearings, aerospace, weapons manufacturing, auto components, air conditioning compressors, tools, measuring tools and other industries.

Gears Industry

Automotive components industry

Bearings Industry

High- end rolls can be made to customer's specification.


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