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MORE SUPERHARD 1308 Domed Type PDC Cutter

Moresuperhard PDC cutter is made of high grade synthetic diamond powder and tungsten carbide made by high-pressure high-temperature.

What is shape of 1308 PDC cutter for geological exploration, construction industry, mining industry

1308 domed type PDC cutter

Application of MORESUPERHARD 1308 domed type PDC:

For concrete pavement milling, whet geologic strata, geothermal drilling, water well drilling, directional drilling, Reaming tools, Core bits, Bearing elements, petroleum drilling, mining, coalmine drilling, geological exploration, oilfield drilling, gas and geological exploration, coal mining and many other drilling and milling applications

1308 domed type PDC cutter for concrete pavement milling  

What are the advantages MORESUPERHARD 1308 domed type PDC compared with flat PDC cutter?

PDC cutter 

Besides 1308, we can supply you more size PDC cutter with domed PCD layer 1304, 1313,1316

Same size , longer life, more profit, welcome contact  us any time.


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