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Wheel Shapes
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Wheel Shapes

Other standard wheel shapes

The standard wheel shapes include; 1A1R, 1A1, 14A1, 6A2, 11A2, 12A2 45°, 12A2 20°, 11V2, 12V2, 11V9, 9A1, 9A3, 4A2, 12A9, 12C9, 14F1, 14EE1, 4BT9,etc.  (* We can design and produce grinding wheels of other specifications according to the customers' requirement.)

1V1 shape grinding wheel1V9 shape grinding wheel1EE1 shape grinding wheel1FF1 shape grinding wheel

1FFY6 shape grinding wheel3A1 shape grinding wheel6A9 shape grinding wheel6C9 shape grinding wheel

11A1 shape grinding wheel11B2 shape grinding wheel11AV9 shape grinding wheel14EE1 shape grinding wheel

14U1 shape grinding wheel


    Other standard wheel shapes
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