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What superabrasive tools are used for automotive engine parts processing

2018.06.01More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd62

The overall structure of a car is basically made up of four parts: the engine, chassis, body and electrical appliances. Automobile engine is the engine that provides power for the automobile, it is the heart of the car. The engine main parts have cylinder block, cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel, etc.. So, what superabrasive tools will be used for processing auto parts.

diamond & CBN tools for auto parts processing

* CBN grinding wheel for crankshaft and camshaft grinding

<p margin-bottom: 5px;">CBN grinding wheel for crankshaft grinding

CBN grinding wheels with high speed (the maximun reach 160m/s ) and high precision control standard can equip with various high precision CNC crankshaft/ camshaft grinding machines. It suitable for high efficient, heavy grinding of crankshaft pin grinding, journal grinding.

Appliedmaterial:Cast iron: Chilled cast iron, nodular cast iron, grey cast iron, alloy cast iron and so on.

Steel: 20Cr、GCr15、 CF53、45# steel, 55#steel, 80 Bhigh carbon steel.

Applicable grinding machine: NAXOS (NOXOS-UNION ,P310*1250, GF70) , TOYODA (GCS63 GL5P-63 GL6P-100 GCH120B GC32M-63 GCH63B GL63M-T), JUNKER ( JUCAM5002/10, JUCAM500, JUCRANK5000, 6000), SCHAUDT (CF41, CF61, ZEUSMX,ZXII, etc) .

*PCD tools for piston processing

PCD grooving tools for piston

Our PCD tools are successfully used in many automobile and engineering industries for milling and grooving aluminum and Non-Ferrous materials. PCD mold milling cutter is used for rough,fine machining of piston pin hole,hole and chamfer at the bottom of the hole. PCD end milling cutter for rough finish machining piston top platform.PCD grooving /slot cutter for finishing machining ring grooves, etc.

* CBN internal grinding wheel for hydraulic tappet of automobile motor

CBN internal grinding wheel for hydraulic tappet grinding

CBN internal grinding wheel with high efficiency, good workpiece consistency and long life time are used for hydraulic tappet of automobile motor .

*diamond honing stone for auto parts processing

diamond honing stone for auto parts processing

Diamond honing stone is mainly used for fine grinding engine Pump Body, Hydraulic Cylinder Bore, Hydraulic Pump Inner Bore, Cylinder Block, Valve,Air Cylinder Hole Of Compressor, etc.

*Vitrified CBN slotting grinding wheels for cutting and fine grinding of sealing components and hydraulic parts , electroplated grinding wheel for camshaft grinding, diamond dressing roller and resin diamond grinding disc, etc.

Our diamond and CBN tools are widely used in the automotive industry . We provide some solutions to some leading names in the automotive sector including:BMW, Ford, Toyota, Volovo,Beijing Hyundai,Mitsubishi and others.

If you want to konw more information about diamond and CBN tools for auto processing, please contact us at any time.


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