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Flexible Diamond Belts

Diamond sand belt is superhard material coated abrasive product which is manufactured under brand-new technology.Compared with conventional sand belts, the characteristics of diamond sand belt are high grinding efficiency, good wear-resistance, excellence smoothness, high cost-effective, little dust and low noise.

flexible diamond belts

Applications of diamond sanding belt:

Diamond abrasive belts Could be well grinding and polishing on glass, ceramic, marble, stones, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, synthetic material, hard alloy, aluminium alloy and others.

The case : flexible dimaond belt for grinding and finishing of HVOF Coatings.

flexible diamond belts

Diamond belts come in two types: Electroplated (Plated) diamond belts and Resin diamond belts .

The diamond sanding belt was composed by three parts : base belts,diamond power and bond.

1.Base Belt: the base belt is the support of diamond power and bond,it can leads the sanding belt to be pliability,the capability of the base belt have radial extend intensity, latitudinal extend intensity,elongate rate,density of mesh 

2.Diamond Power : the diamond power are the main factors of the sanding belt,it is for grinding and cutting. We need to consider it’s grain size and composing of grain size,intensity of pressure, toughness of impact,shape of the power and embedded density.

3.Bond : the bond is the join bridge of diamond power and base belt,it can lets the sanding belts have its shape and intensity. 

The specifications of flexible diamond belts :

Width: 5-350mm

Length:  150~5000mm

Grit: 40-5000#

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