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Diamond Dicing Blades

diamond dicing blades

Diamond dicing blade is used for grooving ,cutting silicon, compound semiconductors, glass and other materials in electronic information industry.

The Type: diamond hub dicing blade and diamond hubless dicing blade

Electroformed diamond hub dicing blade

Electroformed dicing 



Easy to handle ultra-thin blade; Blade dicing

after laser grooving; Variety of different grit 

concentrations; Shows stable processing 

performance in high load processing

Hub dicing blade

Application:  Silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers (GaAs, Gap),oxide wafers (LiTaO3)


resin dicing blade

   resin dicing blade


High processing quality for cutting of hard, brittle materiais; Able to precisely control diamond concentration to achieve cutting quality; Improved cut quality on hard materials 


Hubless dicing 



Glass, Crystal, Quart, LiTaO3, Ceramics, Optical, QFN, splitter 

 metal dicing blade


   metal dicing balde


High rigidityminimized wavy and slant cutti

g ; Able to control diamond concentration to 

achieve cutting quality ;Excellent rigidit and 

cut quality