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PCD & PCBN cutting tools

HPHT Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond

HPHT Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond

HPHT single crystal diamond are synthetic diamonds produced by high pressure high -temperature synthesis under tightly controlled growth conditions .

name: HPHT Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond
application: non-ferrous and non-metallic material
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We have a high quality management process to strictly control the growth conditions to ensure that the size and physical properties .

Features of HPHT single crystal diamond plate:

* High toughness, wear resistance

* High quality grade, pure color, better shape

* Non-ferrous metal friction coefficient is low

* The ideal ultra-precision cutting tool material

* Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability

Specification of HPHT single crystal diamond plate:

single crystal diamond

single crystal diamond

L (mm)W (mm)T (mm) + + + + + + + +

*Other specifications can be produced according to customers’ requirement

Application of HPHT single crystal diamond plate:

More Super Hard mainly produce industrial-grade single crystal synthetic diamond plate. It is used for cutting tools for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials , specialty tools (cutter, turning tools, carving tools,angle tools) .

single crystal diamond

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