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CBN Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

Auto Processing Industry
According to customer's requirements.
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Vitrified products have the features of sharp cutting, high 

efficiency, long life, less heat and jam generated in 

grinding, easy control of the precision and easy dressing.

Our institute is able to provide vitrified superabrasive 

grinding wheels according to the standard GB/T6409.

2-1996. The diameter range isф8750mm; the 

thickness range is 1300 mm; the grit size range 

is 60/70~W3.5.We can also design and make

 nonstandard grinding wheels according to 

customers’ requirement.


Vitrified CBN products: 

Mainly used for machining cast iron 

(alloy cast iron, chilled cast iron, nodular cast iron, etc.), 

steel(45#,55#, 20Cr, etc.).

Vitrified diamond products: 

Mainly used for machining tungsten carbide,

PCD, PCBN, ceramic, cermet, etc.

Vitrified bond CBN Grinding Wheel is suitable for high-efficient heavy grinding of camshaft of automobile parts.The wheel speed is 80m/s-160m/s,Designed to used on CNC Cam Grinders like Toyoda,Schaudt,Landis,Junker etc.

Vitrified diamond wheel for PDC cutter rough grinding
CBN Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

Type D (mm) T (mm) H (mm) X (mm)
1A1 150 6 32 3、5
1A1 200 10 32 3、5
1A1 250 10 75、152.4 3、5
1A1 300 12 152.4、127 3、5
1A1 350 15 152.4、100、40、25 3、5
1A1 400 14 100 3、5、8
1A1 450 15 100 3、5、8
According to customer's requirements.
Ordering Type D T H X Abrasive Grit Bonds Concertration Hardness
Vitrified bond 1A1 150 6 32 3 CBN 120 V 150 N
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