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Electroplated bond products

Electroplated diamond & CBN grinding wheel

Electroplated diamond & CBN grinding wheel

The product can be made with various shapes and they are suitable for special complicated profile, super-thin, especially small and other form grinding which have strict requirement on geometry shape and dimension

Name: electroplated diamond & CBN grinding whe
Type: 1A1、1V1、1A1R、6A2、6A9、3A1、9A1、11V9、12A2 etc
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Electroplated diamond grinding wheels are made with selected synthetic diamonds, which will provide a quick material removal and it will hold the form you require throughout the life of thetool,eliminating the costly and time-consuming need for dressing. No matter your job requires an aggressive stock/material removal rate or a fine finish. Various shapes and sizes of grinding wheels for profile forming or surface grinding of marble and other hard materials.

Grinding wheels are usually custom made upon customer’s drawings:

the drawing of electroplated diamond  CBN grinding wheel

2012730154259344.JPGGW NO.012012730154259763.JPGGW NO.02
2012730154259489.jpgGW NO.032012730154259827.jpgGW NO.04

Application of Electroplated Diamond /CBN grinding wheel :

Electroplated diamond:mainly used for machining nonmetallic materials with high rigidity like ceramics, glass, tungsten carbide, ferrite .

Electroplated CBN : mainly used for machining metallic material such as chilled cast iron, founded alloy steel, titanium alloy and so on.

Features of Electroplated Diamond /CBN grinding wheel : 

- smooth cutting surface

- fast grinding speed

- high grinding efficiency

- enough long working-life,without dressing

- suitable for cutting and grinding various hard materials

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