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Resin Wheels for Glass

Resin Wheels for Glass

resin diamond wheels for glass .Resin silent beveling wheel is resin bond, cup shaped diamond grinding wheel, mainly used for glass edge grinding, working silently.

Alias: Shape: cup, bowl and silent wheel
Application: straight edging machine and beveling

Applicable machine of resin diamond wheels

Glass straight edging machine, glass double edging machine, Beveling machine ( such as Deway, ZXM, BOTTERO, BAVELLONI, bovone, Schiatti angelo and Glassline )

Advantages of Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel:

Light weight and low noise,

Better wear resistance,

Long service life,

Grinding glass with a variety of thickness.

Model and type of resin diamond wheels for glass:

Applicable Machine Shape D (mm) W (mm) T (mm) H (mm) Grit (#)
straight line edger resin diamond cup wheel 100 10 10 12, 22, 50 180 / 240
130 10, 15 10
150 10, 15 10, 12
beveling machine resin diamond bowl wheels 150 10, 15 15, 10 12, 22, 50 240
silent resin diamond wheels 150 15 10 12, 22, 50 240
other specification can be made according to customers requirements
Resin Wheels for Glass
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