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Oil Stone, Dressing Stick

Oil Stone, Dressing Stick

Material: WA(white aluminum oxide),GC(green silicon carbide) and CBN (cubic boron nitride).

Application fields: hardware industry, mold industry, metal machining industry, jewelry industry, shoe industry and automobile industry, etc

Alias: application: Ultra-precision machine and Bearing r
materials: WA, GC, CBN

Sharpening stones are used for hand lapping, cylinder thinning, bearing precise grinding, diamond cutter amending and so on. The main abrasive are white corundum, brown corundum, pink corundum, black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide etc. there are all kinds of non-standard small abrasive stick & fiber stone stick in the shape of triangle, square, semi-circle, column and so on. We can supply double sides, single side, non-standard, dressing, sulfur impregnated stones.

Applications of Dressing Sticks Oil Stone:

Products using fine selection of high quality grinding material, in accordance with the operation process, after the high temperature burn becomes strictly processed according to your actual requirements. Green Silicon Carbide Oil Stones are widely used to sharpen fine edge on all type of tools including knives, blades and precision cutting tools. The edges of its grains are sharp and can be kept well, with also excellent durability. Green Silicon Carbide Oil Stones has high hardness and brittleness, which makes the grinding process more effectively.

Features of Dressing Sticks Oil Stone:

High sharpening performance.

Medium grit for fast sharpening of dull edge tools.

Wear resisting, Long service life.

High grinding efficiency.

No scratch and jam, High Hardness.

The pictures of Dressing Sticks Oil Stone:

oil stone , dressing stick

Oil Stone, Dressing Stick
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