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SG ( Sol Gel ) Grinding Wheel

SG grinding wheel

Introduction of SG grinding wheel :

Ceramic abrasives prepared by sol-gel method is a kind of sintered abrasive , grain size is tiny, only 100- 500nm, hundredths of the size of ordinary corundum abrasive crystal. SG abrasive is high purity, ceramic aluminum oxide abrasive with a submicron crystalline structure deprived from a seeded gel sintering process.   The grinding tools made of ceramic abrasive have the characteristic of long life , good self- sharp ability, high cutting efficiency, and low possibility of workpiece burning.

The parameters of Ceramic abrasives :

Main chemical composition

(typical value)

Physical properties

(grain size 60)

The offerable grain size


Al2O3 (99.22%)


Density   3.90(g/cm³

Bulk density 1.82(g/cm³

Crystal size 0.15 (μm



Applications of SG grinding wheel :

* Precision grinding for unhardened and hardened steels,such as cast iron,carbon steels, alloy steels, and tool steels, etc.

* Internal grinding roller bearings, cylinders, compressor parts,  gear parts, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders etc.

* Grinding the crankshaft and camshaft of the engine and transmission of the car ; worm gear grinding .

SG grinding wheel for roller  SG grinding wheel

SG grinding wheel   SG grinding wheel

Advantages of SG grinding wheel:

* Grinding wheel made of ceramic abrasive with has a higher durability and longer life, which is 5-10 times than the grinding wheel made of common corundum.

*Sharp grains , good cutting ability, and high grinding efficiency .

* Good self- sharp ability, microcrystalline structure Benefits ;

* Very good cutting capability, sharp grains;

* High removal rate& extended wheel life .

Our company also provides dressing rollers for dressing universal grinding wheels .


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