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Diamond Grinding Discs/laps for Gemstone

Diamond grinding discs are used for polishing gemstones (jade, crystal, agate) and applied extend to optic industry, jewellery, glass artwork and precision machining industry. 

The features of diamond grinding disc for gemstone:

* Efficient batch double and single side grinidng

* High wear resistance and long working life

* High parallelism and flatness of workpiece

* Good surface quality

electroplated diamond grinding disc for gem  resin diamond grinding disc for gemstone

Electroplated diamond flat disc                                Resin diamond grinding disc for gem 

Size: D200 * H12.7 * T1                                           Size: 200* 15* 19.05* 50* 5

Grit: 800#                                                                 Grit: 15000#

The case of diamond grinding disc for gem:

Resin bond diamond millstone for gem processing 

Size: 6A2T 200*40*12*7*6                             

       resin diamond grinding discs resin diamond grinding discsThe production process of diamond grinding disc

More information about diamond grinding disc for gem,  please click the link below to view video:

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